Ask any firefighter and he or she will tell you that the training never stops! Firefighter training varies by department, city and state. Most fire departments train their own members in 10-week to 6-month programs. Members of Station 45 go through a rigorous training program before becoming Active Firefighters. Some classes that members might take part in:

Level I and II Firefighter credentials
Leadership / Development
HazMat (hazardous materials)
High Angle Rescue
Medical response, EMT, or paramedic
Hydraulics, HURST
Swift Water Rescue
Confined Space Rescue
Fire Officer Training

It takes about three months to complete the intensive training course of Fire Fighter I, at specially-equipped training centers, such as Somerset County Emergency Services Training Academy. There you'll be taught basic firefighting skills such as ladder safety, hose laying and the use of a breathing apparatus. You will also learn about fire safety and the importance of communicating these messages to the community. The training courses will involve study both in the training center and at home in the evenings and weekends. You'll be assessed along the way to monitor your progress. After grasping the basic skills, you'll get on-the-spot experience of the searing heat, flames and thick black smoke of a real fire controlled and fueled by the center in a specially designed Fire House.

Training will be an ongoing process throughout your volunteer career as a firefighter and you will be expected to participate in all relevant training and contribute to your own development. Many firefighters choose to continue their education for the opportunity of promotion and for the challenge, such fields are EMS-Emergency Medical Services, Fire Science, Fire Protection Engineering, and Fire Administration. Here at Station 45 we strive on excellence in the jobs we do, and expect that every member will do the same. To learn more about the fire service or to become a volunteer, please look at our contact page, or stop by on Griggstown road!