Montgomery Township Volunteer Fire Company Number 1 will undertake to suppress all fires occurring in the Township of Montgomery District Number 1 and in nearby areas or communities desiring our aid. In addition, this company may cooperate in any cause which is for the good of the community including the protection of property and preservation of law and order.


To be recognized within and beyond our community as a fire department of excellence.
Committed to protecting the people, property, and environment within Montgomery and surrounding communities.
Reducing the number of unwanted fires and natural or man-made disasters and emergency rescues.
Provide for the safety and welfare of the public by providing the highest quality services.
Be respected by the residents of Montgomery through timely response and being professional
Respect for our fellow members and residents no matter their race, religious background, social status, etc.
Encourage active citizen participation through open community opportunities with the department and the community.
Provide an equitable level of fire protection to all the citizens within Montgomery.
Make community education concerning fire prevention to all within Montgomery.
Commit the administration to achieving excellence in providing services thereby enhancing the citizens' confidence in the Montgomery Fire Department.