Historic Calls

Train Wreck 1969

An over-turned train required MTVFC to assist with providing equipment and man power near the Belle Mead Tower. A major event in the history of the fire department.

1970 Fire Scene

This fire taking place in 1970 utilized the 1947 Ward LaFrance Pumper, and the 1966 Maxim Pumper. The master stream operation is taking place on the 1947 Ward LaFrance.

1985 Structure Fire

This Sturcture fire took place on Hoagland Drive, off of Griggstown Road, in the Belle Mead section of Montgomery.

October 20, 1988 Opie Farm House

This fire was located in the Opie Farm House on Rt. 206 at Bridgepoint Road.
In the foreground is 45-102 (retired).

October 19, 1990 Tornado

On the evening of October 18, 1990, a tornado came through the Belle Mead section of Montgomery. The focus of the damage was four houses on DeHart Drive. There was total devastation to the property, and luckily there were no serious injuries or deaths.

June 13, 1991 Structure Fire

This fully involved house fire took place on Wilsire Dr. in the Belle Mead section of Montgomery at 3am.

May 3, 1993 Structure Fire

This barn was located at the Towee Farm on River Road.

August 16, 1996 Gas Explosion

On August 16, 1996 this house in Hillsborough, New Jersey exploded from a natural gas leak. Station 45 responed in as mutual aid.

September 10, 1997 Vehicle Fire

This truck caught fire on the access ramp to Rt 601 from Rt. 206 in Belle Mead. 45-103 responded.

May 19, 1999 Vehicle Rollover

This lumber truck overturned on the Belle Mead Bridge on Rt. 206. 45-103, 45-135, and 45-151 responded.

September 16, 1999 Hurricane Floyd

September 16th started out as any other day in Montgomery Township with people making their way to work and school. The National Weather Service had issued a hurricane warning for the Central New Jersey area with severe flooding. In a matter of hours Montgomery Township was under several feet of water. Roads were impassable and civilians were stranded. Members of Station 45's Water Rescue team were called to action to pull people out of the flooding streets when they became stranded in their cars. Station 45, along with Squad 47 and Station 46 became shelters for the hundreds of people stranded in the township and unable to get home. It was the thinking and the resources of the townships Emergency Services that kept order in the area.

January 5, 2002 Apartment Fire

This Apartment fire broke out at 12:15 hrs on Auten Road in Hillsborough, New Jersey. Station 45 responded with 45-103 and 45-116.