Who do you call if there is an emergency?
Call 9-1-1

Are the firefighters paid?
No, we are not paid for our services. No one in our group receives a pay check.

How old do you have to be a firefighter?
You need to be at least 16 years old to be qualified as a junior member. Junior members are restricted to behind the fire scene operations and learn the overall operation of a fire department. They are required to attend as many meetings, drills and work nights as possible. You need to be 18 years old to successfully complete fire school and be considered and active firefighter. You need to be 21 years of age and be an active firefighter to drive an emergency vehicle for MTVFC1.

What do you have to do to be a firefighter?

You have to complete the Firefighter I course offered by Somerset County to be considered a firefighter.

Do you have to have special training to be a firefighter?
Yes, all firefighters in New Jersey have a minimum of 120 hours studying fire, rescue, the fire scene, pumping, hose operations etc. Take a look at what the Somerset County Training Academy provides for us, also, NJ Training Academy.

What is the special clothing that firefighters wear?

The clothing is called turn-out gear. It consists of gloves, jacket, bunker pants, heat protected hood, air-pack and helmet. It is rated at high temperatures and protect the brave people who run into burning buildings.

Do firefighters ride on the back of trucks anymore?
No, they can not ride on the back of firetrucks because of the possible safety hazard.

Who can be a firefighter?
Anyone! No matter what your training is in, or if you have been to college or not, we are looking for new faces at the firehouse. Currently we have a teacher, a dentist, a lawyer, business executives, presidents, a dispatcher, a Digital Video Editor, College Students, High School Students, a mechanic, a carpenter, and many other business/medical/industrial backgrounds here. The more diverse, the better we are to serve the community.

Why do we have so many trucks?
Because each truck is specialized with equipment that is needed in case of an emergency.

Who pays for the trucks?
The Board of Fire Commissioners purchases the fire trucks for Station 45 to use.

Why do one, two, three, even four fire trucks need to leave even if the home owner calls and says there is no fire?
First. Sometimes fire is not apparent to the home owner. Second, Police or the home owner might not be aware of all places a fire may occur. Third. Safety reasons. Fourth. Man power. The more people we have, the better of we are in case another fire is reported somewhere else in Montgomery or in the surround communities. Finally. Some trucks have specific equipment that is needed.

Where do your donation go?
All donations go to the operations and maintenance of the Firehouse.

Does Montgomery Township Volunteer Fire Company #1 participate in patch trading?
Not at this time.

Does Montgomery Township Volunteer Fire Company #1 have tables or chairs to rent?
Not at this time.