Fire at Carrier Clinic

On August 12th at 19:08 hours, StationÂ’s 45, 46, and 36 were dispatched to The Carrier Foundation on Route 601, for a report of a fire in the Bear Lounge. 45 C-1 arrived, established fire command and reported a light smoke condition in the structure with no visible fire. Quint 36-115 arrived on location, immediately followed by Engine 45-103 and both crews were sent to investigate. It was quickly discovered that a fan motor on the roof had caught fire causing burning embers to drop down the electrical chase resulting in the smoke condition. Crews from 36- 115 and 45-103 checked the interior and exterior for possible extension, but none was found. Command released the other responding units while ventilation was completed. All units cleared by 19:57 hrs. Other units on scene were Ladder 45-116,Engine 45-102, Utility 45-154, Engine 46-108, Ladder 46-121, Engine 36-101, Tanker 36-131, Montgomery EMS.

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Wet It Down

The members of Station 45 would like to thank the community and the participating local fire departments for making our Wetdown a huge success!  Please browse our picture gallery and support our local sponsors.



Congratulations to the following Fire Departments

Best Appearing Over All

1st Place-Somerville Fire Dept. -Engine 1 Sponsored by - Fire & Safety Services

Best Appearing Pumper-

1st place-Somerville Fire Dept.- Engine 1 Sponsored by - Princeton Adventure Bootcamp

2nd Place-Montgomery Fire Company #2- Engine 46-108 Sponsored by -  Montgomery Girls Softball League

Best Appearing Aerial

1st place- Kendall Park Fire Dept.- Truck 223 Sponsored by - Image Glass

2nd place- Bound Brook Fire Dept.-Truck 23-114 Sponsored by - Signal Control Products Inc

Best Appearing Rescue Truck

1st place-  Hillsborough Twp.  EMS- Rescue 79 Sponsored by – Doctors Pullen, Peterson, Brower, Hirleman

2nd place- Rocky Hill Fire Dept.-  Engine 532 Sponsored by – Carrier Clinic

Best Appearing Tanker

1st place – Griggstown Fire Dept. – Engine 35-135 Sponsored by – Belle Mead Orthodontics

2nd place – Flagtown Fire Dept. – Engine 36-131 Sponsored by - Princeton Orthopaedics Associates

Best Appearing Ambulance

1st place - Montgomery  Twp.  EMS Sponsored by - J LaRue Autocare

2nd place- Hillsborough Twp. EMS Sponsored by- Culinary Creations

Best Appearing Antique

1st place- Rocky Hill Fire Dept.- 1932 Hale Sponsored by – New Jersey Septic Management Group

Other Sponsors

Harlingen Garage/Franklin Memorial Park/ Sunrise Office Systems/Pinnacle Solar Group

Pinnacle Solar Group/Princeton Orthopaedic Associates/Henderson SotherbyÂ’s International Realty

Special thanks for Station 46 for all their assistance

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Weekend Call Review

On Friday July 23, 2010 at 09:24 hrs Stations 45, 46, & 53 were dispatched to the Village School for a fire alarm. 45-C1 held all units in quarters after county dispatch advised him they were conducting a fire drill and forgot to contact the alarm company. At 10:50 hrs Stations 45, 46 & 53 were dispatched to 12 Innis Brook Rd for a Carbon Monoxide alarm. The Activation was due to a bad battery and all 45 units were cleared by 46-C4 at 11:04 hrs. At 14:23 hrs Tanker 45-135 was requested to respond to Hopewell Twp (Mercer County) for a structure fire. Upon arrival they were secured.

At 16:53 hrs Stations 45, 46 & 53 were dispatched to a brush fire on Great Rd between Country Club Dr and County Rt 601. 45-C2 arrived confirming a grass fire 100 x 200 and growing. 45-C1 took command and Brush 46-141, Engine 53-1, Brush 45-141 and Tanker 45-135 extinguished the fire. All units were cleared at 17:26 hrs. At 17:56 hrs stations 45, 46, & 53 responded to 5 Crescent Ave (Rocky Hill) for a fire alarm. Engine 53-1 established command and began to investigate the building. Ladder 45-116 arrived and 45-C2 took command and sent 116Â’s crew inside. The alarm was reset and nothing was found. All units were cleared at 18:18hrs.

At 20:03 hrs Station 45, 46, & 53 were dispatched for a Carbon Monoxide alarm at 16 Blackstone Dr. 46-C4 arrived and established command. Shortly after 45-C2- & C3 arrived and began to investigate. 45-102Â’s crew metered the residents and 45-116 stood by curb side. All other units were requested by 46-C4 to stand by at there stations. No readings were found and the activation was due to a faulty detector. 46-C4 secured all units at 20:28 hrs. On Sunday July 25, 2010 at 04:23 hrs Stations 45, 46, & 53 were dispatched to 20 Truman Ave for a fire alarm. Engine 45-102 arrived and investigated the cause. Nothing was found and all units cleared by 05:07 hrs. At 10:58 hrs stations 45 & 46 were dispatched to a overturn vehicle at the intersection of County Rt 601 & Skillman Rd.45-C1 arrived confirming all occupants were out of the vehicle. 45-C1 secured station 45 and turn the scene over to Rescue 46-156.

At 11:45 hrs stations 45, 46 & 53 responded to 123 Zion Wertsville Rd for a Carbon Monoxide Alarm. 45-C1 & C2 arrived and metered the structure. No readings were found and the cause was determined to be from a faulty detector. All units were secured by 11:53 hrs. At 15:18 hrs stations 45, 46 & 53 were dispatched to Rt 206 & County Rt 518 for a vehicle smoking from a MVA. 53-C4 establishing command and held with Engine 53- 1, Rescue 46-156 and secured Engine 45-102 before its arrival. At 19:55 hrs stations 45 was dispatched to 29 Berkley Ave for a fire alarm. 45-C1 arrived and confirmed careless cooking and no assists needed. Engine 45-102 responded and was secured at 20:10 hrs before its arrival.

MVC with Entrapment and Medvac

On Sunday July 18th at 16:08 hrs station 45 & 46 were dispatched to 110 County Rt 601 for a 1 vehicle mva with intrapment.45-C2 established command and assigned 46-C1 & 45-103 to land north star helicopter at lubas field. Rescue 45-151 & 46-156 worked together to extricate one victim from the vehicle. All 45 units were cleared by 16:51 hrs.

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Brush Fire Next to Structure

On July 4th at 16:20 hours Station 45 was alerted to a brush fire next to a structure at 150 Updikes Mill Road. Brush 45-141 responded and was meet by residence with garden hoses dosing a 200 x 25 area of their front lawn that had caught fire do to the extremely dry conditions. Brush 45-141Â’s crew deployed their booster reel and halted the remaining progress of the fire. Tanker 45-135 arrived and helped with the remaining hot spots and wetting down the area. All crews were clear by 16:50 hours.

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Mutual Aid to Hillsborough

At 02:24 hours on July 4th Station 45 was dispatched mutual aid for an Engine to respond to the scene of a working structure fire at 44 Wesley Rd in Hillsborough Twp.  Engine 45-102 responded and once on scene was assigned to the exterior Charlie Delta corner to relieve crews working a hand line. A short time later the Engine 102 and the chauffer were put the work establishing a second water source when the initial hydrant failed. Station 45 units were clear of the scene by 05:05 hours.


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Cooking Fire at Pike Run

On July 3rd at 12:30 hour Stations 45 and 46 were dispatched to 1125 Cain Court in the Pike Run Complex for a report of an oven on fire. 45-C3 arrived and reported that the fire was out but there was a heavy smoke condition. Engine 45-102 arrived and was assigned to check for possible extension and to start ventilation. Crews from Ladder 46-126 and Rescue 46-156 arrived and assisted with ventilation and securing the stove. All units were clear by 13:15 hours.
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Truck Fire at Carrier Clinic

At 15:24 hours on June 30th Station 45 and 46 were alerted to a truck fire in the field behind Carrier Clinic. 45-C1 arrived and reported a truck loaded with hay fully involved by the solar panel field. Engine 45-102 pulled first due and proceeded to deploy their bumper line to extinguish the fire. Tanker 45-135 arrived and supplied 45-102 with additional water. Crews from 45 and 46 overhauled the hay on the truck to make sure the fire was totally out. All crews were cleared by 16:27 hours

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Busy Weekend for Volunteers

The weekend of June 26th proved to be a busy one. At 09:54 hours crews were alerted to a brush fire behind 28 Carousel Chase. Brush 45-141, Tanker 45-135, as well as 45-C2 and C3 responded and extinguish the small fire caused by embers from an outdoor fire place being used the night before.

Later that night at 21:20 hours the tones went out Stations 45 and 46 to responds for a motor vehicle accident with possible entrapment. 45-C2 was first on scene and reported that there was no entrapment and secured station 46. C2 was notified shortly after that one patient from the accident was going to be medivaced, and assigned 45-C3 and Engine 45-102 to land the State Police helicopter North Star at Lubas field. Rescue 45-151 proceeded to the scene to secure the battery s to the vehicles involved and brush 45-141 assisted with traffic. All units cleared the scene by 22:26 hours

The next day at 21:25 hours station 45 and 46 were called to the scene of another motor vehicle accident with entrapment on Cherry Hill Rd (Station 46 primary). 46 C-1 assigned 45-C1 and Engine 46-108 to set up a landing zone for North Star at the Waldorf School. Rescue 45-151 and Engine 45-102 proceeded to scene to assist Rescue 46-156. All 45 units were cleared by 21:51 hours 

New engine Arrives

Friday June 11th was a special day for the volunteers of Montgomery Fire District #1. At 1700 hours the new engine 45-103 arrived at the station for the first time. After seeing only picture the members finally got to see the truck in person, and see the results of the year of hard work put in by the truck committee.

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